Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dryer Balls

Forgive me. I have been neglecting this worse than my personal blog.. but, with some friends giving me inspiration, I'm going to try to be better!

If you have a baby, you know that fabric softener can be a problem. Babies have such sensitive skin it can irritate and cause rashes. For the first 6 or so months of Rowen's life, we kept Rowens laundry separated because I LOOOOVED my smelly detergent and fabric softener.

Then we switched to making our own detergent because of how inexpensive it was (click here for that blog). But I still wanted my soft clothes. This of course required us to continue separating Rowen's clothes...until now...

I present to you.. WOOL DRYER BALLS!!

These things are awesome. They are what they are called. Wool rolled up into a ball and felted. The idea between wool dryer balls is that they help separate your clothes in the dryer to decrease static, drying time, and soften while being more energy efficient.

I was lucky enough to be added to a co-op and got a couple at a really great price. I definitely have noticed a difference in how soft my clothes are. I can not really attest to the decreased drying times. From what I read, for optimal drying you should use anywhere from 3-6 balls.. but I only have 2.. I plan on buying more, and will report back!
OOOOO and the best part, is that they are cloth diaper safe!!

If you want to get your hands on some, head on over to Etsy and search for them! There are tons of colors, sizes, etc. You can get them scented or unscented.

Or if you are the DIY type there are a bunch of tutorials out there.
Everyday Beautiful blog has a good one.

Keep your eyes peeled...I have some exciting ideas for this blog.

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