Thursday, September 27, 2012

31 Day Challenge

So this idea of doing a 31 day challenge has come up in a few of the blogs I follow. I later found out that it is being hosted by TheNester. I love, love, love the concept of taking a month and dedicating it to doing things to better your life, get things done you have been putting off, and even to just get creative and think outside the box.

So here is my 31 day challenge.


My fiance and I live in a one bedroom apartment with our 8 month old daughter and 2 dogs. When we first decided on the apartment, I wasn't worried about the space issue. We had actually lived in the exact same apartment a year prior and it was perfect. 

However, I did not realize how much "stuff" babies actually had. 

The lack of space mixed with the lack of time on my part has resulted in one very unorganized house. Boxes everywhere, piles of old school papers, clothes that no longer fit or are never worn, dog toys; its a disaster.

My house isn't the only unorganized aspect of my life. With my full school schedule, work, and time with my family, its hard not to miss school deadlines, lose homework, etc.

The house portion of this challenge will consist of purging things we no longer need. I will sort and organize every room, shelf, cabinet, drawer, etc. in my house. Once everything is said and done, I will develop and implement weekly routines to STAY organize, since adherence is the key to success.

As for the other aspects of daily life, I will get in the habit of not only filling out my day planner, but LOOKING at it everyday. I will force myself to avoid procrastination. I will teach myself to manage my time better so I can enjoy every free second with my family, rather than wondering what I forgot to do this time.

This is not going to be an easy task, but I am determined. I hope that by observing this challenge, you, my readers, will be motivated to become more organized. You will be inspired to rid your closets of the things you have been holding on to "just in case"; even though deep down you know that you will never touch them again.

But most of all, I hope that if you only take one thing away from this, is that you learn techniques to keep your lives organized so that you can enjoy your families.
My daughter is growing up so fast. I know I would much rather soak up every minute I can with her; rather than miss the little things because I am too busy wading through the puddle of disorganization I currently call life.

Challenge starts Monday..Are you ready?!

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Day 18: Bar
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