Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10: Changing Table and Diaper Organization


We cloth diaper. In attempts to stay organized, we have been using these canvas tote boxes for storage...however, putting away diapers is tedious, and they usually just get shoved in whatever box they fit in.
We have also been storing diaper rash cream, hair detangler, and other products we use daily on the back rail of the crib. This usually ends up in our daughter messing with the stuff during diaper changes, or it falling behind the crib. Either way, something needed to be done.

So... I went to Target. I found his shelf/ledge for $5.99! Since I am on such a tight budget, I was ecstatic. I originally tried to hang these up with Command strips...but... despite the package claiming they could hold up to 3 lbs, they could not hold up the shelf.. So, reluctantly I had my fiance install it with the mounting screws. Luckily they are small enough that there wont be noticeable holes in the wall after we move out.

After the shelf was installed, I moved all of the items from the back of the crib to the shelf. Much much better!

After I took care of the back of the crib, the diapers needed to be organized.
So I started like I start every one of these projects, I took everything out and dumped it in a pile.
Then I sorted..
Inserts, Fleece soakers, pockets/covers, fitteds, and NB size prefolds

Since we dont use the inserts, or newborn prefolds, I put them in tote together. I put this tote on the top shelf, behind the wipe warmer. This allows for them to be easily accessed if we do decide we need them, but still out of the way. 

Pockets are our everyday diaper. I put all of the pockets in a tote and put them in the middle shelf of the changing table. 

Next, I took the fitteds and fleece soakers and put them in a tote together. This tote went on the bottom shelf. These are our night time diapers.

As I mentioned before, we do not use the inserts for our pocket diapers. We use prefolds instead. Since these are the most used, they need to be the easiest to access. Because of his, I put them in a diaper stacker and tied it to the changing table.


p.s. for any cloth diapering mamas out there looking for fitteds...This is the most AWESOME diaper I have ever used!
This is day 10 of a 31 day series. To see the rest of the series, click here.

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