Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14: Baby Dresser


I try really hard to keep on top of Rowen's clothes. I try to go through and take out stuff that is too small every month or two and straighten out her dresser. Lately its seems like the second I take out the next size up, she outgrows it too. I don't know how many times I have gone to put something new on her, and it be too small. It seems like such a lost cause, that I have been seriously neglecting it.

First I took all of her drawers out and dumped the contents into a huge pile in the middle of my living room.

Then I sorted everything into keep and give away piles. This was really hard. Its really easy to get sentimental and nostalgic with baby clothes. I would remember what she looked like when she would wear it, how small she is, what if we have another baby that's a girl...then I would have to remind myself to be realistic. They are too small, they are taking up space that we really don't have, and we are not even planning on discussing having more children for at least 5 years. Do I REALLY want to hold on to them that long? No, no I don't. I put away a couple things for nostalgia sake, but everything else went into a box to give away.

The remaining clothes were those that still fit Rowen. Now, this probably seems silly, but I actually looked up the most space efficient methods of folding baby clothes..I know, I's really not that hard...but... every time I fold and put away clothes I find that it's really difficult to fit everything in the drawers, or I have to  tear through the drawers to find something, which ends up making a huge mess. So, I found this video by Baby Riddle and followed it.

I also found this picture on Pinterest on how to fold 2-piece pjs! Its originally from the blog Attempting Aloha. I was browsing it today, and she has some really awesome ideas for storing and organizing kids stuff.

The PJ drawer has always been a major problem for me. No matter what I tried I could not get everything to fit. Following the video and the step by step picture, I was not only able to fit all of the PJs in one drawer, but I had room for her Babylegs and socks too!


Following the video, I folded and put away the remaining clothes.
I put all pants and dresses in one drawer.


And all onsies and shirts in another.
...and After.

This is day 14 of a 31 day series. To see the rest of the series click here.

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