Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 28: Utility Closet

Everything is all over the place. Laundry, baby gear we are not using, floor mat. The washer and dryer have become holding places for things we want out of sight and out of mind.

First I took all of the unused baby gear and put it with the rest of it in my bedroom closet. The laundry basket was also put back in its spot in the closet.

I put up a tension rod below the shelf. We cloth diaper. Drying your diapers can wear out the elastic, so its best to hang dry. Thanks to the tension rod we can now do that here, instead of on the railing of the crib or the shower.

Then I moved to the shelf.
I moved all if the laundry related items to the left. I put Colin's tools and the baby proofing gear in  the middle. Lastly all of the cleaning related items were organized on the right.

Finally I finished putting away everything on the dryer, and moved Rowen's laundry basket here. It was originally in her crib, but I had to move it when I organized the crib a couple of weeks ago.


This is day 29 of a 31 day series. To see the rest of the series click here.

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