Thursday, November 29, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

I love Christmas.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder how I ended up putting up with Colin because he is the opposite. Other than gifts and our Christmas day marathons(we have 4 Christmases to go to every year), we don't really do anything to celebrate.

The year before last we were given a small Christmas tree and decorations by some of the ladies I work with because it was an "abomination" that we didn't have one; I was ecstatic. Last year I was 37 weeks pregnant, so there was no traveling home to see our families.

As you know, we had a baby in January. One of the first things I said to Colin when I was pregnant was that I was going to go all out for Christmas. She was going to have fun. We were going to decorate and bake and everything else one does during this season! She was not going to miss out on anything.

This year she is a little young and life is a little crazy to do a lot. We are moving a week before Christmas, so we wont be setting up our own tree this year. Life is putting a huge kink in my holiday plans!

However, to make up for it, I am going to do as many crafts as I can! I am making all of the gifts we are giving this year. I'm not sure if I will post these until after Christmas, just to keep the surprise for those family members who follow my blog.

My friend Randi at Sowdering About in Seattle is doing a 25 Days of Christmas link up. I decided that I am going to participate.

We all know how my 31 Day Challenge ended up...and I know going into this that I may not have enough material for 25 days, or time for that matter... which is why I decided to incorporate some of the people that I love in this challenge. I am working out some guest posts from some very talented ladies.

So here it is! Come back here to see an updated list of my posts. Be sure to check out the link up on Sowdering About to follow some other great blogs this holiday season!

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