Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 27: Baby Cabinet

I started by taking everything out and putting in a huge pile on the floor.
Then I sorted. 

I decided that the bottom shelf would be for breastfeeding/pumping items.

I exclusively pump... because of this I have acquired 3 pumps; manual, battery-powered single, and a daily-use double. I only use the battery powered single when we travel and the manual is a back up. I found this little bag. It was the perfect size for my single, and the perfect size to just throw in a diaper bag when we are out.
I took the rest of of the spare parts for this pump and put them in a little metal organizer (Dollar tree).

I then went through the rest of my pumping stuff an put it in nice and neat.

I found tons of stuff we never use. Formula, baby powder, a ton of bottles and bottle parts.I have this constant fear that I am going to run out of milk for Rowen, so I kept the can of formula. There were tons of slow-flow nipples and some pacifiers that Rowen wont use, 3 nasal aspirators, and about 15 bottle caps. I kept 5 bottle caps and threw everything else away. O, I also kept the baby powder.

I put all of the grooming and medical items on the top shelf.

This is day 27 of a 31 day series. To see the rest of the series, click here.

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