Monday, September 30, 2013

October Challenge: DIY-ing Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

Last year, I had just started blogging when The Nester's 31 day challenge came around. It was chaotic, I was often late on posts, and I skipped out on my last few days. This year I wanted to be prepared.

 You may think today is September 30th. You are wrong. It is actually August 20th. I decided that getting a head start on these posts would give me a huge advantage. Also, since as I type, I am in the last hectic pre-wedding weeks, everything is still fresh in my mind.

Over the past year and 8 months I have been planning my wedding. September 7, 2013 is (was) the big day.

When I got engaged, I knew we were going to be on a tight budget. We were college students with a new baby. Money doesn't get much tighter. However, I did not want to sacrifice a lot because of price. Besides, I have always loved doing crafts.

Over the next month, I want to take you through my journey of planning my DIY wedding for 120 guests for under $8000. I am going to help you get organized, plan efficiently, and show you some super cute DIY projects that cost less than your daily Starbucks.

Just because you have small budget, does not mean you have to sacrifice your dream wedding.

As you can see its not quite complete, but I'm still working on it! Come back here everyday for a running list of this series' posts!

Day 1: Getting Organized
Day 2: Budget Savvy: Areas to Splurge
Day 3: Say Yes to the Dress...for much, much less.
Day 4: DIY Project: Centerpieces
Day 5: Frugal Favors
Day 6: Helping Hands
Day 7: Saving Money on Stationary: Save-the-Dates, Invitations, and Thank Yous
Day 8: DIY Project: Card Box
Day 9:  Guestbook...Priceless
Day 10: Pretty Program (and its reusable!)
Day 11: Videographer Verdict
Day 12: DIY Project: Ribbon Backdrop
Day 13: Budget Friendly Floral
Day 14:
Day 15:
Day 16: DIY Project: Groomsmen Gifts: Boxers and Cufflinks
Day 17:
Day 18:
Day 19:
Day 20: DIY Project: Hangers for your Beautiful Bridesmaids
Day 21:
Day 22:
Day 23:
Day 24: DIY Décor: Paper Lanterns and Hearts
Day 25:
Day 26:
Day 27:
Day 28: DIY Project: Easy Table Numbers for $1.20 a Piece
Day 29:
Day 30:
Day 31: Recap

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  1. I'm also joining in this challenge and super excited to follow you as my sister is getting married in March and we are one a TIGHT budget!!

    1. I can honestly, 100% say that I had my dream wedding, and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg! I hope that some of my tips and experiences can help you and your sister!

  2. super excited to see what you did!! I am newly engaged (3 days ago) and we have a 10 000 budget and I need help! your blog is awesome! thanks !!

    1. Congrats!! I hope that you enjoy this series and have a blast planning your wedding! Hopefully I can inspire you and help you have your dream wedding too :)

  3. Great 31 Days idea! I'm planning my wedding for next September and, since it's my second, I have the advantage of knowing what worked, what didn't, what was worth it, what was more trouble then needed, and (luckily) my soon-to-be in-laws aren't pushing for us to do anything we don't want to or uphold any wedding traditions. I'm looking forward to reading your ideas since I really would love a very DIY wedding!

  4. Excited to read your blog. My daughter just got engaged this past weekend!! We are planning on a small wedding (hopefully) but with large families, we will have more guests than you and an even smaller budget. Always looking for fresh ideas.

  5. Amen! We had 300 guests at our $5000 wedding, and I have never seen a more beautiful day (although I might be a little biased!). I am excited to read through your posts to see what you all came up with! I also have some ideas over my blog of how we saved money for our wedding...