Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5: Frugal Favors

 Like many of my other wedding inspirations, I found this while looking through the wedding section of Pinterest. This is what I found:
A cookies and  milk toast for kids. I LOVED this idea. However, I wanted to take it another step further.
This is when my husband and I talked about having a cookies and milk bar. I knew several people who had candy bars at their wedding and loved the idea of something sweet. However, candy bars seemed so overdone, that cookies seemed perfect!
I will now disclose every detail of planning, prepping, and the final details of our cookies and milk bar.
Milk Bottles
Also in my Pinterest journey, I came across this pin.
The Starbucks bottles were perfect! They looked like old fashioned milk bottles. I can not tell you how happy I would be if I never had to drink another bottled Frappuccino again. We bought a case a week. My boss bought cases for everyone at work to drink. We gave people cases of them to drink.  There were Starbucks bottles everywhere.
The first thing I did with the bottles was soak them in soapy water fro about an hour. This made the labels peel right off. Then I stuck them in the dishwasher.
After the had been washed once, I used acetone to remove the leftover adhesive residue, as well as the date stamps on the side and bottom of the bottle.
Then I stuck them in the dishwasher again.
Lastly, I (actually two of my very good friends) spray painted the lids teal. They turned out awesome!


After finalizing my guest list, I realized I needed about 300 cookies. I kind of had a slight panic attack trying to figure out how I was going to bake 300 cookies the week before I was getting married. My husband mentioned just buying cookies. I thought that was cheating....and tacky.
So..... I enlisted all of the help I could get. Mom, bridesmaids, friends staying at our house, the best man's mom and sister-in-law. Everyone helped bake cookies. There were so many kinds and they were all so delicious!
Little Details:
I ended up ordering the multicolor paper bags off of Amazon for $3 a bag. Each bag came with 12 bags. I loved the colors and they fit perfectly with the color theme of the wedding. I made the sign.. I will go into detail on those later in this series.
I also got the square vases for the bags to go in from Amazon. They were $26 for two of them. I wrapped them in yarn like everything else at our reception.
We put the milk in tin buckets we got from Target. They were so cute. We just stuck them in and filled it up with ice.

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