Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 8: DIY Project: Card Box

This is one of the projects I was most proud of. I spent a lot of time this card box with a simple box from Hobby Lobby ($6 after 40% coupon)

I spray painted it with Rustoleum paint. I got this at Lowe's for $3, I believe and used it for multiple wedding projects. I covered all of the metal hinges, buttons, and handle with masking tape before I painted.

The last step was the most time consuming. I picked out scrap paper from this scrap paper book. I ordered about 6 of these books and used them or other wedding decorations too. Using the materials in more than one project helped tie everything together.

I took my Exacto knife and cut the paper to fit every inch of the inside of the box.
Then I glued them down.
After it was dry, I brushed Modge Podge.

I also took other pieces of scrap paper and cut them into bunting flags. I cut a slightly smaller piece of black construction paper, and wrote "CARDS" in white dry erase crayon. 

I then glued the construction paper to the scrap book paper, and the scrap book paper to a piece of yarn. I hot glued the yarn to the box to look like a banner.

This is day 8 of a 31 day series. To see the rest, click here.
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