Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11: Videographer Verdict

And the verdict is...Expensive.

The cost of a videographer was not something I was prepared for. I thought maybe $500 tops for someone for the whole night. Boy was I wrong.

I remember walking though the bridal fair with my now husband, checking out all of the vendors when we stumbled upon the videographer I was thinking about hiring. I chatted with him, then began to pursue his brochure.
$1000 for JUST the ceremony? Yea...I was not expecting that.
I was bummed. I was sure that we weren't going to be able to have a video of our wedding.
Then, while surfing Pinterest, I came across a company called Wedit.

This company sends you 5 HD video cameras a few days before your wedding, you hand them out to people you love and trust, send them back, and they upload all of the footage from your cameras. And... it only cost $400.
That was doable.

We ended up handing ours put to a couple family members and the family of some of our groomsmen. It was so worth it!

When I got the email from Wedit saying our footage was uploaded I was so excited! I immediately logged on and began looking. There was so much! It was a little overwhelming.

Editing is not included in the Wedit prices. However, if you have access to fairly simple editing software, you should have no problem editing. They do offer editing services for extra, although it kind of pricey. $350 for ALL clips edited into a nice video with music as well as a 3-5 minute highlights video. Or you can get the highlight video my itself for $199.
I have been so overwhelmed with school, work, and family life that we decided to go ahead and use some of our wedding gift money to get the large edited package.
I got all of our edited videos yesterday and am IN LOVE. They seriously did such a great job editing, it was worth every penny.
Here is our highlight video from Wedit.
This is day 11 of a 31 day series

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