Thursday, October 10, 2013

Toddler Friendly Halloween Craft: Foam Bats

      Foam Bats

Taking a little break from my 31 days wedding series for a little Halloween spirit. I just want to say that I had an absolute blast making these with my daughter! They were so much fun to make, and pretty simple too.
The night before we made the bats, I went ahead and  got everything ready. First things first.
I started with foam balls like these (Hobby Lobby). I painted the foam balls black. I used plain acrylic paint. It would probably be easier to spray paint them, but I didn't have any black spray paint on hand.
Then I took a few sheets of this glittery black foam and cut out 12 sets of wings.

I just looked at a picture of bat wings and free-handed an outline on the back of the foam with a pencil.




The next day was production day! My daughter was super excited if you couldn't tell.

    I hot glued the wings to the foam balls. Any of the glue that still showed up, I just painted with my acrylic paint. To glue the wings down, I put a strip of glue along the inner part of the back of the wing. Then I just laid it flat on the front of the foam ball body, leaving enough space between the wings to add eyeballs.
After all foam bat bodies had wings, I dug out the googly eyes. I got these glow-in-the dark ones from Hobby Lobby. I let my daughter pick out the eyeballs for each bat. I put a tiny bit of hot glue on the body of the bat, and let her put the eyeball in place. She really enjoyed helping and giving the bats their faces.

The last step to get the bats ready to hang up was attaching a tie to the top. I poked a small hole in the top of the bat. Then I took some plastic string I found at Hobby Lobby and folded it in half. I hot glued the string so that both ends were hanging out at the top.

I decided that I wanted to hang them along our pathway to our front door. Luckily we have a tree that is in line with a hook in our entryway. I took the same plastic string and tied a long piece from the tree to the house. Then I took each bat and tied them individually to the long string between the house and tree.

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