Sunday, December 9, 2012

7th Day of Christmas: Cookie, cookie, cookie!

When I was living at home, my mom and I made Christmas cookies every year..usually multiple times during the month of December. Some were from scratch other times we used store bought dough.

When I was younger, my all time favorite Christmas cookies were the sugar cookies with the characters 'printed' in them. I'm sure the only reason I liked them was because of the faces, but o well.

Today felt like a Christmas cookie kind of day. In attempts to not add any more food to our kitchen before our move this weekend, I went a head and grabbed a couple things of store bought Christmas cookie dough; peppermint chocolate chip and my favorite sugar cookie characters.

I am planning on giving some cookies as gifts this year, so keep your eye out for some homemade recipes in the next couple of weeks.

This is day 7 of a 25 Days of Christmas series. To see the rest, click here.

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