Sunday, December 9, 2012

8th Day of Christmas: Dolling Up for the Season

This is the first of my guest posts for this series!

Thank you so much to my amazing friend Rachel for taking time to do this for me!
She always has the cutest nails ever, and she is going to share with you how to get super cute, easy holiday nails.

Funky Christmas Nails

Nothing completes your Christmas party outfit like cute nails!

-Start with clean, dry nails in whatever shape you  prefer.  I like to use a nail brush to make sure they are squeaky clean.  

-Apply a thin layer of base coat polish.  This helps the polish to stick to your nail and last longer.

-Once the base coat is dry, slap some green polish on the top half of your nail.  Don't worry about it looking good, just make sure the tips are covered.

- Now you need ACETONE nail polish remover and what I call a "french brush" (it's about 1/4 of an inch wide and has a flat tip.)  Dip the brush in the remover , then drag across the bottom half of polish until you get the shape you want.  Then clean up sides, making sure to wipe and re-dip often so that you don't stain your cuticles.  Let dry.

-Using green glitter polish, go over top of green polish tips.

-Next you'll need a dotting tool.  If you dont have a fancy one, you can make one by sicking a straight pin into the eraser of a pencil, or simply use a toothpick!
-Put a few drops/blobs of red polish on a smooth surface (a Ziploc bag works great and makes for easy cleanup.)  Dip the tip or your dotting tool in the red polish and then put a dot in the center of your nail below the green tip.  Then continue with two more on each side.

-For the finishing  touch, using your dotting tool, pick up a jewel  from the top side and place on the WET center dot.

-Last but not least, seal in your polish with a top coat.  This helps protect your polish and makes it last a little longer, but most of all makes your nails nice and shiny!

Now, you're ready for Christmas!!!

Note: I used "Sinful" nail polish from Walgreen's.  If you use different brands of polish at the same time, make sure they are all formaldehyde free/ or all have formaldehyde.  If you use both, the polish will not dry correctly and you'll have soft spots and get smudges. 

This is day 8 of a 25 Days of Christmas series. To see the rest, click here.

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